Sanitising Booths, Office partitions and Isolation wards

Due to the need caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to create safe environments, we have developed a few products to assist clients in this regard.

We offer mobile and stationary walk-through sanitising booths with superior nozzle configurations to increase disinfectant dispersion rate, in order to reduce congestion at entrances.

We can supply custom designed office and desk partitions to offer increased isolation for your staff.

And finally, we have developed a mobile isolation ward for field hospitals, but also offer custom built permanent isolation ward for hospitals.

COVID-19 Products range

In keeping with our determination to always deliver exceptional quality products and services, this range of products carry the same build quality and after sales service.

Made with superior components and material, we can provide clients some piece of mind in these uncertain times that their purchase will offer what it is intended for and last long after the dust have settled on this storm.

Mobile and stationary Sanitising booths features

  • 12 Non drip SF-CE1 nozzles with anti-clog strainers
  • Extremely fine droplet size to minimise damp on users
  • 220v 2Bar CRI pump
  • 30ml total consumption from all 12 nozzles with 3s dispersion per dosing
  • Motion activation with adjustable dispersing time
  • Level switch and one way valve to prevent running dry and re-priming

Bespoke desk and office partitions

Mobile and Fixed custom built isolation wards


Sanitising booth brochures: