Curtain walls, Skylights, Balustrades, Custom fabrication

Apart from the more common product ranges, we offer a range of more diversified, yet specialised products and services. Whether you have a large project on tender requiring specialist curtain wall or spider clamp facades or you simply have a balcony to enclose, we almost certainly have a solution for you.

Over and above our in-house capabilities, we have the support of our suppliers, the AAAMSA organisation and specialists such as facade engineers and Competent persons in Glazing Cat 1 and Cat 2 at our disposal. This provides us with the ability to undertake projects of nearly any scale.

Other products and services

At Aluminium Advance we welcome and enjoy challenges. This means that we have often chosen to undertake large projects with new systems, but also smaller scale work that requires some clever design and fabrication.

Curtain walls

Flush glazing

Spider clamp facades

Fixed and Openable skylights

Automated ventilation systems

Glass staircases

Frameless and Framed Balustrades

Glass Furniture and Shelving

Custom Metal, Aluminium, Wood and Glass fabrication

Automated hospital door
Aluminium enclosure